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Meet Kalena Leigh

Artist Statement & Bio

"My interest in art began while sitting at my grandmother's feet as she drew princesses for me.  It was then that I knew I wanted to be an artist.  As I grew, art became a big part of my life.  Throughout early childhood,my best friends' mother was a professional artist.  I thought it was so cool that she could make a living doing art.  I have many memories of spending summers with them at the beach, attending art shows, and watching her paint.  These early experiences from my youth, permeate my work as an artist by capturing the innocence and purity of childhood.  These themes are passionately expressed throughout my art and reflect the joy of being a child of the King Most High.  It is my desire to inspire feelings of love, truth and free spirit in each and every one of my works." -Kalena Leigh

Artist Kalena Leigh spent the earlier parts of her life living in culturally rich, diverse regions around the world before settling in the idyllic coastal area of southeastern North Carolina.  She enrolled in her first art class at the age of 30 and is a graduate of the Milan Art Institute.

Her prophetic paintings reflect the times.  While today's headlines paint a picture of a world in chaos, unrest and despair, Kalena Leigh's art expresses hope and the joyous anticipation of a bride that awaits with excitement for her glorious bridegroom.  Kalena Leigh's art captures the light and beauty of eternity and the blessed peace that resides in each believer to elevates one above all the troubles of the day.  Her artworks capture the woman's heart and soul, while revealing the spiritual dreams and desire for harmony in all of us.   

Nestled in a quiet studio off the beaten path to nowhere, lies a private art gallery where Kalena Leigh creates her unique, original paintings.  The studio, carved out of the second floor room of her 121-year-old farmhouse, was renovated Post-Hurricane Florence after the storm ripped much of the roof off the house.  Kalena and her husband custom-designed her atelier to reflect both her personal style and artistist needs.  Subsequently, the entire house became a canvas and was reconstructed with her artful eye and hand, as the 2 of them personally rebuilt their house, room-by-room.  The 4000+ square foot home now exists as a Kalena Leigh Masterpiece with future plans to restore an old barn on the property with a fully functional, private art gallery in its loft!   

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